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Mudpacking for Scars and Traumas

Injuries and accidents, be they big or small, are a part of everyday life. Most people think that once a trauma or scar appears to be "healed" that there's no need for concern-unfortunately this is not always the case. Believe it or not, the most seemingly insignificant injuries like bumping your head, stubbing your toe, or spraining your ankle can create a multitude of problems in the body that you may have never imagined were related.

With every one of these injuries, traumas and scars (which not only include falls and surgeries, but also vaccinations, tattoos and even piercings!), a very delicate system of communication in the body called the "ground matrix" gets disturbed and damaged.     The ground matrix is an intricate system that connects all the cells of your body.  This system is responsible for every cell in the body having access to the same information at all times.  Pretty important don't you think?  As all of these big & little traumas/scars accumulate, more and more of the body's ground substance is destroyed.  As this system breaks down, so does the body's ability to heal and function.   Can anything be done to fix this? Thanks to Dr. Marshall and QRA there is a solution!!

QRA has re-introduced a healing modality that has been used for thousands of years - MUDPACKING.  The "Ancients" used mud for therapeutic purposes as common practice, and Dr. Marshall has studied the science of this ancient healing art and brought it to us in a form that creates quantum healing.  Application of these special muds to the site of trauma have the amazing ability to restore the ground matrix when combined with specific catalysts.  Re-establishment of this extravagant network of communication enables the body's healing systems to fully infiltrate the site to restore function. 
Introduction & application of this concept seems to have been a huge missing link in the healing arts to date.  Through successful implementation of this system, we have been able to see phenomenal results in the toughest of cases.  Perhaps the most uplifting feeling is when the pain is finally gone.  However the comfort really lies in knowing that the body's pathways for healing are open for business once again!

As Chiropractors, we would sometimes see repetitive patterns of subluxations, and troublesome areas that didn't seem to want to heal.  This was frustrating for us as "Doctors of Cause" because our goal has always been resolution first, followed by maintenance.  After consulting modern scientific developments, and being introduced to this Science of Mud by Dr. Marshall we began to see results that were truly nothing short of miraculous! 

We feel privileged to be using this work to enhance our practice of Chiropractic & Wellness.  It is our greatest joy to help our patients overcome their health challenges and guide them through their Spine Tingling Adventure to GREAT health!